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Crystal Clear Brush On Coating!
Bonds With All Surfaces to create a secure grip!

  • Perfect for a secure foot grip when paddle boarding
    LiquiGrip is perfect for
    all water boards, it
    provides an excellent
    grip in wet and
    dry conditions!
  • A Crystal Clear Brush
    On Coating For A Strong
    Grip, Waterproof
    Non-Staining and
    No Residue!
  • Excellent for Applications in
    Wet Environments for a
    Strong Non-Slip Grip!
  • Durable, Bonds
    With All Surfaces,
    Will Not Transfer To
    Other Surfaces and
    Easily Re-coated To Restore
    The Secure Grip!
  • Creates a Non Slip Grip on
    all types of Handrails, Wood,
    Plastic, Rubber and All Metals.
    Perfect for Yachts, Cruise Ships
    and all Marine Environments!

LiquiGripProvides a great grip in wet and dry conditions!

LiquiGrip is a crystal clear non-slip coating formulated to provide a secure grip over all types of materials and surfaces. It is suitable for use on surfboards, paddleboards and the various other boards, including skateboards, popular in the sports industry . Its application requires nothing more than simply spraying or brushing the target surface with LiquiGrip. It is a rapid dry coating and will allow the user to put the board in to action in less than 30 minutes after application, depending on the ambient temperature.

LiquiGrip will develop full cure and lasting adhesion after overnight drying. LiquiGrip provides a much higher level of grip and will outlast any wax currently available on the market. Rejuvenating the grip feature, when necessary, is simply a matter of applying a fresh coat.


LiquiGrip is the strongest single component rubberized coating available that remains flexible throughout its operating temperature of -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 60°C). It will retaining its integrity even when submerged for extended periods. LiquiGrip bonds tenaciously with all types of materials including fiberglass, plastic, wood, metal, etc. including porous and non-porous surfaces. LiquiGrip's bond strength also permits its use as an outstanding adhesive. The crystal clear coating allows the color and art of the coated surface to show through without compromise.

The cured LiquiGrip has a rubberized finish and will provide an excellent non-slip grip in wet and dry conditions. It bonds tenaciously and will not easily rip or peel off from the surface. LiquiGrip is ideal for application to grab bars in bathrooms and showers, pool ladders, walkers, safety rails & endless potential sporting applications. The applications of this handy and easy to use product are unlimited. It can be applied to all types of materials including metal, wood, glass, plastic and composite surfaces. Due to its 'paint-on', 'spray-on' nature, size and shape of the target object is of little concern. LiquiGrip eliminates the need for textured rails and grab bars that can be rough on the hands and skin. It will also help smooth the surface of existing textured grab bars.

LiquiGrip has excellent ultra-violet resistance for marine and outdoor applications. It is not affected by saltwater and most everyday liquids and chemicals including alcohol, beer, oils, greases, fuel, acids and common solvents. It is also resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria. Besides spray cans, LiquiGrip is also available in eight ounce, quart, gallon and 5 gallon sizes.

The Benefits

Strong Tack, Bonds With All Surfaces, Waterproof, Durable, Non-Staining, Perfect for Paddle & Surf Boards!, Leaves No Residue Will Not Transfer To Other Surfaces Can Be Easily Re-coated To Restore The Secure Grip

LiquiGrip can now be easily reapplied for a firm and secure grip.

LiquiGrip is a crystal clear, viscous and somewhat tacky material that dries to a crystal clear finish. It is easy to apply using a soft bristle, foam brush or aerosol spray. The target surface should be free of dirt, debris and oily, greasy contaminants prior to application. Use regular masking tape on areas to be protected from the coating. A minimum of two coats is recommended for best performance. Eight ounces of LiquiGrip will cover an approximate area of 20 square feet with at least two coats.

LiquiGrip Is A LiquiGuard Product
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